Sew arab

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I made this no sew tribal print knit vest last year and it is one of my favorite layering pieces.It works great under jackets, over tees, belted, with jeans and with leggings. So many of you asked for a tutorial so I am sharing my methods! I tried it on at this point and took a photo so you can see how the one yard of fabric fit on me. (I’m 5’7” by the way.) The other tutorial leaves it this long so that you can use it as a scarf and other things, but I prefer it shorter and only using it as a vest. ) To finish my vest, I took it back off and folded it in half again.

All had gone well to start with, and the little expedition I had put together on the coast of the Med had set off with what seemed like a feeling of anticipation and goodwill.

Valentine Coffee Morning Have been rather busy with helping to organise the Valentine morning coffee.

Chris, Claudia and myself have been busy hunting down and arranging the following: fabric …

The trade was conducted through slave markets in these areas, with the slaves captured mostly from Africa's interior.

The trade of slaves across the Sahara and across the Indian Ocean also has a long history, beginning with the control of sea routes by Muslim Arab and Swahili traders on the Swahili Coast during the ninth century (see Sultanate of Zanzibar).

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