Bobby valentino dating 2016

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It’s been nearly a week since Bobby V was exposed by an alleged transgender prostitute for refusing to pay for her sexual services, and the R&B singer’s tryst is still the talk of the blogs and the internet.So much so that folks are looking for more information about “Reima Houston,” the transwoman involved in the scandal.Together they wrote Young At Heart which was recorded by the group without the violin part and never released as a single.But for Mr Hodgens' band, which split in 1986, the song became their greatest success two times over and led to them reforming in 1993 to perform it on Top Of The Pops.Doesn’t mean he isn’t spending on another girl taking her on trips whilst U sit home and baby sit his kids!Doesn’t mean he isn’t sleeping around wit some chick unprotected and she is also planning on hving his babies to chop some of what u are chopping!Now Mr Valentino, 48, once a member of The Fabulous Poodles and The Hank Wangford Band and who also acts and models as a Clark Gable look-alike, will be seeking around £100,000 in damages for unpaid royalties.

Lacking the intention to ever wear it, he handed the shirt down to Mabel, who now uses it as a sleep shirt.In fact, when Reima was living life as an out and proud gay man named Aaron Mc Corkle, he attended Winston-Salem State University as a broadcast journalism major. Bobby Valentino was working as a professional violinist in 1984 when he was paid just £75 to add a violin part to the song that reached No 8 in the charts that year but was a No 1 smash when re-released in 1993 after featuring in a Volkswagen advertisement.K-Ci & Jo Jo consists of Monroe, North Carolina siblings Cedric “K-Ci” Hailey and Joel “Jo Jo” Hailey.The ballad specialist duo got their first taste of fame as half of the R&B group Jodeci.

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