Transvaginal ultrasound dating accuracy

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The skin of the lower abdominal wall is cleansed with an antiseptic alcohol based solution.

The skin and underlying tissues are injected with local anaesthetic.

In a study conducted on mice at Yale University, researchers discovered that exposure to ultrasound waves on the unborn mice had a negative effect on brain development. Ultrasound travels from 10 to 20 million cycles per second.Therapy should be readily available to help conception occur quickly.Occasionally, individuals request an assessment of their fertility status before they attempt to conceive or when planning conception.Roy Filly, Professor of Radiology at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco states, "Sonography is rife with virtually untrained practitioners who are treating this imaging tool like an open cash register drawer." Before exposing your baby to extraneous ultrasound scans, consider recent research challenging the safety of fetal ultrasounds. Researchers have also looked into a possible link between ultrasound screenings and autism.A study reported in the "American Journal of Obstetric Gynecology" found that women who had ultrasound examinations had a larger number of preterm births compared to women who received manual pelvic examinations during their pregnancies.

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