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Breaking the snacking habit Instead of staring at Twitter and mindlessly posting crisps into my mouth as I usually would be doing at 3pm, I am having a conversation with a friend who works on the other side of the office. Practise piano.” I try her technique of issue-spotting — she says that at a technology company they put snacks in opaque containers with lids saying what they are so you would have to think more carefully about eating sweets and remind yourself that was what you were doing, and they make the containers they put things in smaller.

It isn’t a long chat — we mainly swap gossip about a mutual acquaintance’s girlfriend — but I return to my desk focused and ready to take on my email inbox. When food is delivered to the office I no longer squirrel it away but offer it around.

Today’s tech-obsessed, high-stress culture has spawned thousands of self-help books, each promising to be the key to living a happier and more fulfilled life.

Here are six you should be reading this year, according to the Evening Standard features desk.

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She includes Johnny Cash’s to-do list in the book: “Not smoke. I opted for emotional resilience because when I got dumped two years ago I spent a lot of time crying on the Tube.

is the BEST and LARGEST HIV Positive Dating Site for People Living with HIV!

Having HIV can make life harder, and when it comes to dating, it will make dating even more difficult than it is normally.

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