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Di conversation was such dat di bunnawoman did a propose some new tings weh she say she finally feel comfortable fi do to him. Di bunnawoman den tell him say like how she a goh tun up har freakiniss, him a goh haffi do di same. Him staat reel out some crazy, nasty ultra-freaky sitin weh him a goh put pon har. Because him a drive an haffi a pay attention to di road, an because him did deep up inna explaining, him grab up him phone and excitedly redial him bunnawoman.As she ansa, him immediately staat continue talking bout di bag a freaky tings weh him a goh do to har.(When you’re stuck inside with below-zero windchill for months, shit gets weird.) Enter Cupcak Ke, born Elizabeth Harris in Chicago’s Parkway Gardens, who is the city’s most unique rapper right now.Harris went to elementary school with Chief Keef and Lil Reese and wrote Christian poetry at her church as a teenager until she was convinced to apply her talents to rap.Meanwhile, the use of masks by criminals, strange religious organizations, and basically anyone who wants to hide their identity also adds to the fear factor.

It’s some kind of doctor scene and the crazy thing is that Nikki Here let’s this girl Foxxy give her a creampie, like one of those super deep creampies.

Dem did a chat bout a bag a supa freaky tings weh dem a goh do wid dem one anneda.

Mi deh ya, deh ya a hol it same way inna Obama Lan. A bredda a shot it pon a highway up ya an deh pon some heavy flirting wid him bunnawoman.

The environment inside was particularly unpleasant due to inadequate ventilation and fumes from the engine and weapon systems.

Furthermore, although armored, tanks were notoriously unreliable and would become bogged down in muddy battlefields, making them juicy targets for artillery and mortars.

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