Porn chat talk

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Investigators found an Ottawa-based IP address linked to uploads of child pornography.

Police executed a warrant Thursday in Ottawa and made an arrest in the west end.

But the stories of our friendships are now more than ever played out through the filter of a computer screen.

My most life-altering group friendship lived and breathed in the not-quite-hallowed halls of our group chat.

Be upfront about your values and how they apply in an online context.

Communicating your values clearly can help your kids make smarter and more thoughtful decisions when they face tricky situations.

As soon as your child is using a computer, a cell phone, or any mobile device, it's time to talk to them about online behavior, safety, and security.

As a parent, you have the opportunity to talk to your kid about what's important before anyone else does.

If your boyfriend is viewing pornography, he is being strongly influenced by these ideas, so you need to talk about this!Even if your kids are comfortable approaching you, don't wait for them to start the conversation.Use everyday opportunities to talk to your kids about being online.This means any printed or online films or photos which show naked people or sexual activity.So this can be sexualised stories, pictures or videos on the internet.

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