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They also embedded with high schoolers in the Midwest to fine-tune their teenage characters, and Marling spent time with a blind man in New York learning to navigate the city without eyesight.

“At first, it was completely terrifying, just to put a blindfold on and will yourself to not take it off and to just be in the dark for six hours,” she says, “figuring out how to get to a place and developing the humility to constantly ask people you can’t even see for help, and you have no idea what their facial reaction is.”All of these elements came together to create a complicated narrative that is uniquely suited to the medium of a streaming service: For the story she tells, a film would be too short — and traditional TV programming, where viewers have to wait an entire week between episodes, wouldn’t help the show’s momentum.

Unlike the other indie stars of this generation — the group growing out of the interconnected Duplass/Swanberg/Bujalski/Wingard family tree — Marling and Batmanglij don’t belong to a greater collective.

Marling occasionally acts in projects that she hasn’t developed — check out the Civil War home invasion thriller for one particularly good example — but mostly they do their own thing.

Primarily, of course, is that it’s a mystery series that kicks off with the return of a young woman who’d been missing for seven years, and when she returns, she’s no longer blind like she was.

Within the box of that mystery, then, is the question of what happened to her while she was gone, how can she see now, why does she call herself “The OA,” and why has she gathered a group of five misfits together to form a storytelling coven in an abandoned housing development?

They’ve managed to keep it (romance) hidden from the press but all their friends know.” Gere and Silva, who has a young son with her estranged ex, have continued their vacation in Italy by enjoying a trip on a yacht off the coast of Sicily on Saturday, June 20th, when the new couple was photographed frolicking in the water and putting on further public displays of affection on board the boat, according to images obtained by Britain’s Daily Mail.

Gere, who was once wed to supermodel Cindy Crawford, is currently in the midst of divorce proceedings with actress Lowell.

But that mystique also extends to the creators behind the scenes.

I'll need watch more of her to form a full opinion though.... She did a music video with Henry Gummer, so she must have some real or psychic connection to the Legend.

I like that she seems invested in her work and she is oddly mesmerizing.

She's been compared to Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, and Jessica Chastain.

Given the lead in a major film, she'd knock your socks off. While it's true she's a bit snoozy in Arbitrage, so is everything about that movie.

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