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EU citizens wanting to bring close family to the UK after Brexit will be forced to pass tough immigration tests, Theresa May revealed yesterday.Rules on bringing in spouses, children and parents would be tightened up once Britain quits the bloc, she said.In 2016, the prices for food and non-alcoholic beverages in Denmark were 148 % of the EU average, while in Poland and Romania they were 62 % of the EU average.Alcohol was priced in Finland at 176 % of the EU average, but at 65 % in Bulgaria.Those who have been resident for a shorter period they will be allowed to stay on until they have reached the five-year threshold.However, there will be a ‘cut-off date’ after which EU nationals who come to Britain will no longer automatically get these rights. Family dependants who join a qualifying EU citizen here before the UK’s exit will be able to apply for settled status after five years.

The treaties (primary legislation) are the basis or ground rules for all EU action.

A spokesman for the First Minister said Nicola Sturgeon "would be happy to meet her [May] if and when this [visit] takes place".

The Scottish Parliament is also expected to vote for a second independence referendum on Tuesday, despite the Prime Minister ruling out such a vote before Brexit.

American professor Craig Calhoun, 65, (right and left with former PM David Cameron), voiced admiration for the Labour leader’s rail nationalisation plans and publicly backed Remain while leading the London School of Economics (inset).

The vice-chancellor also led an impassioned campaign against Prime Minister Theresa May’s efforts to curb immigration, criticising what he called ‘government attacks on foreign students’...Andy West, 35, who ranted against Brexit, and his mother Pauline Morris, 64, who felt his remarks were the ultimate betrayal, have written their feelings about the EU in heartfelt letters to each other.'There is no covert plot by Tory MPs to keep us in the EU.

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