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If you are absolutely sure that none of the servers you have in your server list is a fake server, you may keep that list. a Mule's default configuration proposes as it is a very well known and verified list of valid servers. You can use too the servers list by using this url to get information about online e Donkey servers) To add that list to your a Mule, just put it on the Networks - e D2k top text bar and click the "blue play button" that bar (see this article for more details).

Note: The above step will not remove the servers you already had in your server list, but simply add the servers in the downloaded list.

They direct you to non-existent files, corrupted fakes and hide files which others genuinely want to share. Millions of file-sharers use the e Donkey (ed2k) network daily with every conceivable file and media type available for download.

However, for millions of users on the ed2k network there is a threat hidden below the surface – fake e Donkey servers, estimated to be as many as 60% of all the ed2k servers currently online.

Each entry in the list consists of the following 3 fields: In order for Server List to be updated upon reception of new ones, MLdonkey and server list has to be set to true.

To change the update period you have kill the core and edit the web_infos entry in

Es ist im Gegensatz zum althergebrachten e D2k-Server-Netz nicht auf Server angewiesen, sondern vermittelt direkt von Client zu Client und bietet so eine dem Quellenaustausch ähnliche Art der Quellenfindung (server-los), welche bei schlecht verteilten Dateien sogar Quellen liefern kann, die über Server oder Quellenaustausch erst später oder gar nicht gefunden würden. e Mule wird die nodes automatisch und selbständig vom Server laden. e Mule will automatically update the nodes from the server.

As I stated earlier, the e D2K Network began with e Donkey2000. The Network is run by many different servers, not just one like a lot of other P2P networks.

It is developed as a hobby and aims to make no profit. For more information on e Mule and its team of developers visit

Sadly, fake servers are very popular, which makes a big chance you get unwillingly connected to one of them if they, for any reason, get to your server list.

This article pretends to guide on how to avoid this.

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